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Coil binding is also known as spiral binding.

Coil binding is latest addition to our line and it is already popular. Coil binding is a very reliable spiral binding option. Thanks to continuous shape of the coil, there is no risk of falling out of pages. It is also very durable and quite indestructible. Like wire binding, coil binding is also allowing 360 degree page turn, it means, you can open your document completely flat or folded back on it self.

Coil binding is not as stacking friendly as thermal or hard case bindings.

Customisation Options

Up to 340 sheets of paper, black and white coil colours are available. Up to 50 sheets of 80gsm paper, coil is available in black, white, red, navy, clear, silver and purple colours. In addition to coil colours, you can print front and back pages on white or coloured card, add clear or frosted plastic outer covers. If your document is in black and white, printing front and back covers in colour can be a nice addition.

Binding Size

Coil binding is available in A5, A4 or in custom sizes with top edge or left edge binding.


Coil binding doesn’t have  minimum page limit. Maximum page limit on 80gsm paper is 340 sheets of paper. In other words, if your document is single sided, you can bind up to 340 pages and if your document is double sided, you can bind up to 680 pages. Please keep in mind, if you prefer heavier paper like 100gsm or more, maximum number of pages you could bind, would go down.

Use examples of coil binding

  • Reports
  • Marketing materials
  • Training documents
  • Proposals
  • Manuals
  • Accounts
  • Contracts

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