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Can you give more information about guillotine cut?

Guillotine cut is one of the finishing options we offer. After printing, we can deliver your order in ordered paper size, or, we can cut the paper according to your need. Available guillotine cut options are “None” and “Cut the Bleed”.

None: Your order will be printed and delivered in ordered paper size. For example; if you ordered wire bound book in A4 size, your order will be printed on A4 size paper and delivered.

Pages designed edge-to-edge will be printed with white border.

Cut the Bleed: If your design is with bleed, we will print and cut accordingly. Please do not forget to choose “Cut the Bleed” option under “Guillotine Cut”.

If this option is selected document is printed in actual size and reduced minimum 3mm from each edge by cutting!

If you need your design cut into pieces, like cards, unfortunately we do not have this cutting option at the moment.

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