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Hard case binding – Get an instant quote!

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Hard case binding is one of the most elegant and prestigious binding options. This binding style is widely used as university thesis, dissertation binding, to bind memoirs and as high-end company presentation books.

Hard case binding is more expensive than other binding options.

Customisation Options

Covers are available in black, blue and burgundy colours. Foil letter printing on spine and covers is available in gold, silver or pink colours.

Binding Size

Hard case binding is available in A4 size in portrait mode.


Leave minimum 3cm margin on the binding edge. Hard case binding has a minimum sheet of paper limit. If your document is less than 10 sheets of paper -10 pages single sided or 20 pages double sided print- better to consider other binding options. Maximum page limit is 280 sheets of paper -280 pages single sided or 560 pages double sided print. If you prefer heavier paper stock like 100gsm or more, number of pages would go down.

Use examples of hard case binding

  • Theses
  • Dissertation
  • High end marketing sales pitch
  • Low volume hard cover book projects
  • Memoir
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