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Known as stapled or saddle stitched booklet.

Simple, low cost and effective binding option. Process can be summarised as printing, half folding printed papers and stapling on the crease. Delivered file needs to be in page order. For example if you need 8 page booklet printed, we need a file page numbers are in following order: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Maximum page number is 40.

Customisation Options: 

You can further improve the booklet by using heavier paper on front and back covers. If design is B&W, covers can be printed in colour.

Binding Size

Booklets can be printed, folded and stapled in A5, A4 sizes and only in portrait mode.


If 80 gsm paper stock used, the minimum number of pages that can be folded is 4, stapled is 8, and maximum number of pages is 40. If you prefer heavier paper like 100gsm or more, maximum number of pages you can bind, will go down. Page number needs to be divisible to 4. Example: If page number is 14, 2 blank pages will be added. There is no single sided print option. If you need single sided print, you can add blank page as every second page.

Use examples of saddle stitch binding

  • Booklet brochures
  • Newsletters as a booklet
  • Theatre programs
  • Wedding programs
  • Memorial services
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