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Gloss or matt lamination?

We have both options.

Gloss lamination produces a shiny look that enhances the colour and vibrancy of the design.

  • Gloss provides a higher level of protection than matte and is easier to clean.
  • Enhances colours
  • It costs less than matt
  • You can write on gloss lamination with dry wipe markers and erase.

Matt lamination produces a softer, more natural look with its “velvety” texture. It also softens the contrast of darker colours so that they don’t stand out quite as much.

  • The matte finish helps deflect any glare, making the piece easier to read at any angle under direct lighting
  • In general, matt makes a great first impression
  • Matt laminates can easily be scratched or scuffed by excessive use
  • You cannot erase dry wipe markers!

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