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Do you print colour and b&w mixed?

If your print preference is in black and white, we can still manually print up to 5 pages in colour and replace with black and white printed sheets.

Please do not forget to make locations of the colour pages clear to PrintPond. To ensure that let us know the page numbers on file, not the page numbers printed on paper!

Colour replacement option is available for both Document Printing and Document Printing and Binding products under “MORE OPTIONS”.

Please note, if your print is double sided, both sides will be printed and counted as colour print, even if you select only one side of the sheet as print in colour.

If your print is unbound print, you can split your file into two files as colour and black and white print and add to basket as two print jobs. Accordingly, you will get your order as two batches; one in black and white and another in colour.

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