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How to calculate Number of Pages?

While getting a quote, one of the important input is “Number of Pages”. If given page number is not correct, calculated price will be either under or over, but not the correct amount.

“Number of Pages” is the page count shown on electronic file. In other words, it is the number of sides to be printed by PrintPond and delivered to your address. Please find below few examples for possible print job scenarios:

Example 1: If you will upload 52 pages double-sided PDF file, “Number of Pages” will be 52. Do not halve page number if you order double sided print!

Example 2: If you will upload 3 files, if you prefer 3 files printed same way, if the page numbers for each file are 8, 10, and 50, “Number of Pages” will be 68

Example 3: If you will upload two files with page numbers let’s say 40 and 60, and if you prefer these two files bound together as one book “Number of Pages” will be 100. If you prefer printed and bound as two individual books, you will need to add to basket two print jobs. For the first print job “Number of Pages” will be 40 and for the second print job “Number of Pages” will be 60.

Example 4: If you will upload a file for 10 named certificates, “Number of Pages” will be 10. If you will upload one blank certificate to be printed 100 copies, “Number of Pages” will be 1 and “Number of Copies” will be 100.

Do you need more help? You may have many files and you may not know, how many pages you have in total. Please click on Select Files and upload your files to our drop box. We will calculate and email to let you know exact page number. Accepted file formats are PDF, Word, JPEG! To be able to contact you we will need your email address.

One last reminder; If you order double sided print, please do not halve page number! “Number of pages” doesn’t change, if it is single sided or double sided print. Example: If you have a 100 page document as a word file and if you prefer double sided print, correct “Number of Pages” would be 100 for both, if it is printed double sided or if it is printed single sided.

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