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My design is full page; will I have white border?

Up to A3 size, if none of the guillotine cut options selected, your full page or edge-to-edge design will come with white border!

All prints, up to A3 size, come from digital presses and with at least 2-5 millimetre un-printed area on each edge-means white border on white paper. If the design ratio is different than ordered paper ratio, white space will be wider.

Full page design will have a white frame after printing

If your document has white space on edges you will not notice the border on respective edges. On the other hand, if you have edge-to-edge design, it will come with a white border, even if the document is printed with “Scale to Fit” or “Keep Actual Size” setup

If you prefer border-less print, options are available. Please check our post about Guillotine Cut.

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