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We print orders as placed. Rarely we can ask modification on order, on uploaded file(s) or cancel the order.

We check all the orders as soon as possible to understand, if we are able to produce your order as required. If not, we get in touch with you to discuss best option, including modification possibilities or cancellation by fully refunding your money.

Customer can refuse or accept, if any change required by PrintPond. If the final decision is cancellation of the order, paid amount will be fully refunded latest next day.

Common reasons of order cancellation are:

Paid order amount is not correct amount: In general, it happens if paid “Number of Pages” is not equal to actual number of pages.

Uploaded files require modification: PrintPond does not offer any design service. If uploaded file requires any change, we do not have this service at the moment.

For bound products, uploaded files require manual sorting: Before printing, we can sort uploaded files alphabetically. If alphabetical sorting does not deliver final ordered product, we will either ask file update or cancel the order.

Uploaded files require page by page checks or adjustments to print as required: We set the printer and send file in one go. Files need to be designed according to the limitations and margins of the print industry. We are not able to make page by page check or adjustment to ensure desired outcome.

Order is too complicated to produce, like few pages need to be printed on different paper stocks and/or in different sizes.

Unforeseen stock issues: Required paper, spine or other production material is not in stock.

PrintPond is not able to check content of all prints but if knowledgeable, will not print any content against equality regard to race, colour, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, religious belief, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, or physical or mental disability. 

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